CAVALIER­™ Safety Footwears are made from the latest and best materials, manufactured to provide and deliver the comfort and the protection mainly needed on a safety footwear. Features that a safety footwear must have to make sure that confidence is in every wearers mind.

Cavalier's safety shoes provide impact resistant toecaps made of either steel or composite materials that are certified to EN ISO 20345:2011. Ensuring that foot is safe from different impacts and blows that may encounter on work area.
Protection against the sharp metals and other pointed objects in the work area. Made of metal, stainless or high antiperforation textile gives the confidence to step into the extreme. Certified to EN ISO 20345:2011
Has deep cleats, more than sufficient to provide good grip and stability. Has self-cleaning characteristics, that will avoid you to walk even in worse posible situations.
Oil resistance of outer sole (Hydrocarbons)
Toe and outersole give exceptional resistance agaisnt abrasion.
Tough and durable materials combine to create flexibility that needs in everyday work. Extend it capability in every difficult position. Performance that will never leaves you behind.
Great cushioning and acr support making it comfortable which alleviates strain on muscles. It shapes your heels and toes to give the comfort and ease at every wear.
SA technology helps to spread the pressure of the body. This built-in shock absorber spares the joints and keeps the wearer upright. Spreading the load also gives the heel extra stability, preventing fatigue and loss of concentration and so helps to avoid a great number of accidents.
Lightweight and durability both achieved by Cavalier Safety shoes. Using the latest technology and materials, we made heavy protection safety shoes as much as posible.
Outersole are capable to resist electical arc.
Made from the finest materials capable to resist water from the upper.

The choice of safety footwear depends on the type of occupational risk. As with all footwear, additional safety features may be required such as penetration resistance, electrical resistance etc. These shoes are marked with the relevant industrial symbols.

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